1. Dish 10
  2. Dish 10
  3. Dish 10

Make Your Next Tailgating Event Easy!

No need to drag the tent, grill, TV, music, food,
drinks, bathroom and the sink...

Reserve Your
Dates NOW!

We have everything for you!
Just bring your friends...

Look How Much Fun We Have!

Photo Gallery

  1. Closed
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Clean restroom
  5. Hawkeye from KSCS visited us!
  6. Pong anyone?
  7. Crazy Viking fans
  8. Fire House 3 visited us too
  9. OU Baseball Tailgate
  10. OU/TCU Tailgate
  11. Cowboys Game Thanksgiving Day
  12. at Verizon Theater
  13. KSCS Mascot??
  14. Canaan Smit Meet & Greet
  15. Cowboy/Patriots Tailgate
  16. Cowboys/ Eagles Tailgate
  17. KSCS CountryFest 2015
  18. Super Bowl 50
  19. Super Bowl 50

Now Mark Your Calendars!

Upcoming Events

  1. Tailgate at any Concert
    Tailgate at any Concert
  2. Epic Jimmy Buffett Tailgate
    Epic Jimmy Buffett Tailgate
    Jimmy Buffett Toyota Stadium
  3. Texas Ranger's Opening Day Tailgate Party
    Texas Ranger's Opening Day Tailgate Party
  4. Your BBQ
    Your BBQ
    Take your BBQ party to the next level
  5. Perfect for your companies sales event or happy hour
  6. Saturday, October 14th
    Saturday, October 14th
    Texas OU Weekend - aka Red River Showdown